Yoga Treatment For Back Pain – Why It Works So Well

Many disciplines other than yoga combine help for the spine, the mind and the spirit. But none comes dose to matching the wide-spread appeal and positive results of a bespoke yoga treatment for back pain. There are many documented benefits of regular yoga exercises, not least to help alleviate and reduce all types of back pain.

yoga treatment for back pain

Yoga as a treatment for back pain

If you haven’t tried back pain treatment through yoga because it seems mystical or somehow peculiar to you – an activity associated with ex-hippies or Indian holy men – consider the following comments.

How Yoga Treatment For Back Pain Got A Joiner Back On His Feet

A joiner was surprised and delighted to find that yoga treatment for back pain really suited him. “Yoga has helped my back more than anything,’ he said. ‘I stumbled on it by accident as a lower back pain treatment. I was curious and took a class.’

Yoga is a wonderful way to keep your back limber and your whole body in good shape,’ commented a domestic cleaner. ‘It is such a wonderful experience. By practicing some yogic lower back pain exercises my spine and muscles feel so much improved and my head feels clearer. It is the best thing to do for your back as well as your spirit,’

back pain treatment with yogaA manual worker said, ‘Yoga seems to have strengthened my back. It certainly brings a lot of temporary relief from tension. But if not practiced regularly and carefully, I believe it is possible to harm the spine with “over-enthusiastic” yoga.’

Yoga Can Offer Long Term Benefits As A Back Pain Treatment

In summary, an extraordinarily high percentage of back pain sufferers who practice yoga treatment for chronic nonspecific low-back pain get good results in the long run. However, individualized, modified yoga instruction is the key to success, since many regular yoga positions can lead to injury. Modified yoga treatment for back pain helped back sufferers with osteoarthritis, neck pain and scoliosis as well as the more “main stream” back problems.