Back Pain Relief With Self-Help Stress Reduction

Believe it or not, stress reduction can play a major role in providing lower back pain relief – or any kind of back pain relief for that matter. There is no single best way to reduce stress. But according to sellers of books, tapes and gadgets advocating a particular stress-reduction technique, theirs is the best way.

It really doesn’t matter which stress-reduction technique you use. You can practice meditation, visualization or prayer, and each of these approaches will work to some extent. Moreover, there is virtually no risk of any stress-reduction therapy making you feel worse, unless, of course, you substitute it for needed professional help.

Technique is not the key with these types of back pain treatments: belief is. If you believe that a method of stress reduction will help you to relax – and offer some back pain relief – then it probably will. It isn’t a question of tricking your self. It is, at the very least, a respite from the daily grind – a way to treat yourself well every day and interrupt the activities that allow stress to build up to unmanageable levels.

Many people have experienced back pain relief with the following visualization/imagery technique:

Find a time each day when you will not be interrupted. This may be easier said than done, but everything hinges on your having solitude. Even a few minutes is valuable, but half an hour is ideal.

Clear your mind of the day’s activities and problems. Lie down in any position that feels comfortable. Take a few deep breaths. As you exhale, imagine that you’re in a relaxing environment – perhaps on a beach or near a lake. See yourself there. Allow the image to become real to you.

Now, picture a soft breeze warming your body, one part at a time, relaxing you. Save your aching back for last. Then concentrate on making every part of your back become more and more relaxed.

Imagine your back feeling well. Imagine it being well and pain-free.

In summary, any technique that provides a break from stressful activities can help your back. ‘Visualization’ is one of the most popular self-help, stress-reduction technique used by many people – as well as people looking for back pain relief.